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Stopping and starting with your driving lesson´s and getting know where fast? This course is for you!!

Frustration!! You started having driving lesson´s and for what ever reason you stopped. Maybe it just wasn´t the right time for you or you just couldn´t afford it at the time. A little time latter on you stated having driving lesson´s again, but it just wasn´t working out for you. This could have been for a number of reasons, You didn´t get on with the driving instructor you just didn´t feel you was getting anywhere so you stopped again. You keep thinking "if only I could drive how my life would be so much better. I would have the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted go where I want, get a better job or even get that promotion at work and earn more money. But I cant do any of this as I cant drive". You have been thinking about starting lesson´s again as the time is now right for you but you don´t want to start right back from the beginning You have already been down that road and its one of the things that´s holding you back.

You can start your lesson´s again and this time see it through to the end and pass your driving test. Its just a matter of finding the right driving school and driving instructor to give you that gentle push you need to get the job done. Someone who will understand what you have been through and how important it is to you to see it through and pass your driving test. To help you with the motivation and encouragement you need, and to teach you through it all in a way that will suit you. An instructor that not just going to sit there telling you what not to do all the time. A driving instructor that will engage with you get you thinking and letting you get on with and not hold you back.

Direct Drive Hub has your solution!!

We will listen to you and we know how important passing your driving test is to you. Our driving instructors will give you all the encouragement and help motivate you. We look at the way you learn best and adapted each lesson to suit your learning style. We never just sit there telling you what to do we will encourage you to do things for yourself and give you the help only where you need it. On your first lesson with us we will assess your ability to find out what you can and cant do so you want have to start right back at the beginning and go over old ground again.

Direct Drive Hub
Karl passed his driving test with was after a long time of being on and off with his lesson´s Basically he could drive. We needed to get rid of some bad habits and improve on certain areas of his drive. with the skills he already had Karl defiantly didn´t need to start from the beginning with his driving lesson´s. Karl went on shortly after and passed his test with great ease.

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Start your journey to passing your driving test 1st time with Direct Drive Hub. We offer so much more than just a driving lesson. We have some great start up offer, all in one packages that gives you everything you need to get you on the road. Plus we have a host of extra support tools to give you the help you need between your lessons. This will help you to get you up to test standard so much faster and will help you save money. Just get in touch and we will do the rest to get you on the road.

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