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Direct Drive Hub Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions for standard lessons

With Direct Drive Hub

1.1. If you are paying for your lesson individually this must be paid for before the lesson via bank transfer or by credit or debit
card at the start of the lesson. (we do not accept any cash)
1.2. All lesson that are cancelled will still need to be paid in full. Only lessons that have been agreed with your driving instructor
giving 2 weeks or more notice will not be charged. This is to allow for holidays and planned time away.
1.3. Unplanned cancelled lessons must be paid for in full no later than the day of which the lesson was to take place. If the
lesson is not paid for in full you will risk the lose of you lesson slot. This could mean if you wish to resume your lessons you
may have to wait for your driving instructor to have a new free slot available. Which is not guaranteed to be at the same day
and time of your old slot. If the customer is pre-paid this will be deduced from their pre-paid account. (Only slots that you have
paid for can be guaranteed.)
1.4 Pre-paid lessons must be paid at the start of the course they are paying for, customers cannot ask for pre-paid discounts to
be backdated. Prepaid lesson must be paid on time before or on the day of the prepaid course starting. Otherwise a admin
charge could apply.
1.5 If no lessons are taken by the customer within a 6-month period the pre-paid account will be closed, and no refund will be
1.6 Refunds will be paid back to the customer within 31 days from the point the refund has been agreed by Direct Drive Hub or
your driving instructor.
1.7 In the event that a prepaid deal is not completed before the customer passes their practical drive test with Direct Drive Hub,
any unused training time will be re-calculated at the normal standard lesson rate to what they are set at the present time and
the remainder will be refunded.
1.8. If your driving instructor has to cancel your driving lesson for any reason you will not be charged for the driving lesson.
2.1 It is the customers responsibility to make sure they are at the correct pick up point for their driving lesson on time. If the
customer is running late they must make sure they let their driving instructor know and make sure their instructor has received
any messages.
2.2 Pickup and drop off point can only be changed if the instructor has agreed to the change any loss of time to the lesson as a
result to any changes the customer has made will be done in the customers time.
2.3 It is the customers responsibility to check and make sure they have the correct date and times of all their driving lesson’s.
You’re driving instructor will confirm your next lesson at the end of each driving lesson and you can consult the Total Drive App.
2.4 Lesson times will be on your Total Drive App and updated by your driving instructor.
2.5 If you need to cancel any of your driving lessons the customer must make sure their driving instructor has received the
message. You’re driving instructor will always reply to your message to confirm they have received it.
2.6 If for any reason you cannot get hold of your driving instructor you can contact the Direct Drive Hub office where they can
advise you or get hold of your instructor on your behalf.
2.7 If you’re driving instructor is running more than 10 minutes late for a customer’s lesson the instructor will phone or message
the customer to let them know.
2.8 If you’re driving instructor is late for the customers lesson the instructor will make up the time. The time will be made up
ether at the end of the lesson or to be added on to a future lesson.
2.9 If for any reason you’re driving instructor needs to cancel a lesson your instructor will rebook the lesson as soon as possible
at a time convenient to the customer and depending on the instructor’s diary availability. There will be no charge to the
customer this will be down to the instructors losses.
2.10 Your driving instructor will always try and give driving test priority, and this will include short notice cancelation test. This
may result in a customer’s lesson being cancelled, this priority will be in place for every customer as driving test can be very
difficult to rearrange.
Direct Drive Hub’s Term’s & Conditions must be read and agreed before
you can start and take your driving lesson’s.
T’s & C’s revised Aug 2021 Enquire@directdrivehub.co.uk Tel: 01652 618917
3.1 DVSA tests. Direct Drive Hub are happy to make bookings for both your theory and your practical driving tests. Direct Drive
hub or your driving instructor will forward email confirmations over to you. We will not add any extra fees on for this service the
fees charged are the fees that the DVSA charge for these tests.
3.2 It is up to the customer to check dates and time of their DVSA tests and to see if the DVSA have made any changes. Direct
Drive Hub cannot be responsible for any changes that the DVSA make to the customers tests.
3.3 If Direct Drive Hub makes a DVSA test booking on the customers behalf we will forward all confirmation emails from the
DVSA to the email address that the customers have provided us. The customer will be able to check details on the DVSA. GOV
3.4 The customer must inform their driving instructor, or the Direct Drive Hub office of ant changes made to their DVSA test.
3.5 If the customer is making any changes or booking a practical driving test they must make sure that their driving instructor is
free and able to be available for this test that is being booked. We strongly advise that customers do not make any short
cancellation test booking were the DVSA test fee cannot be refunded without checking with your driving instructor first. Direct
Drive Hub or your driving instructor cannot be held responsible for any loss of these test fees
3.6 In the event that you’re driving instructor’s car not being available on the day of your driving test that has been booked and
agreed with your driving instructor, for any reason due to car breakdown or instructor being off sick you’re driving instructor will
refund your DVSA driving test fee or rebook the driving test for you.
3.7 In the Event that the practical driving test is cancelled by the DVSA for any reason it is normal for the DVSA to rebook your
driving test. If any cost has accrued due to a result of this then you will need to claim this back from the DVSA. You’re driving
instructor can advise you. Any lesson booked up to or on the day of your test are still subject to our 48-hour cancellation policy.
3.8. For a customer to use a Direct Drive Hub instructors car for the purpose of a DVSA driving test the customer must be at
the DVSA test standard. If the customer is not at the DVSA test standard, then the driving instructor has the right to refuse the
customer the use of there car of the purpose of the driving test. The Direct Drive hub Instructor has the final decision on this
4.0 Direct Drive Hub only works as an agent for your driving instructor, It is your driving instructors responsibly to take care and
make sure their customers’ needs are always being met. If the customers is not happy with the care their driving instructor is
giving you then you must contact the Direct Drive Office.
4.1 Any money that the customer has paid over to their driving instructor for lessons, driving courses or test fees etc is between
the customer and their driving instructor. Direct Drive Hub is not responsible for any refunds due to the customer.
4.2 Complaints procedure if you have any complaints about our service you should first address them with your instructor. If
you still not satisfied, then you need to contact us at Direct Drive Hub where we will always deal with any matter in a
professional and sympathetic manner to make sure of a satisfactory outcome.
5.1 You must inform your driving instructor if you have been in contact with anyone with any covid-19 symptoms.
5.2. We will be following the governments guidelines with regards to covid-19.
5.3. if you have been asked to self-isolate by Track and Trace you must inform your driving instructor straight away.
5.4. You’re driving instructor may ask for proof that you have to self-isolate if you are not to be charged for the driving lesson.
5.5. If you are not sure about what to do contact your driving instructor straight away. If would be best to call rather than just
sending a text message.
Before you start each driving lesson
Please do not enter your driving instructor’s car until you have been ask by your instructor.
You must wear a face covering in the car at all times.
Direct Drive Hub and their Instructors will take every step to keep your driving lesson a safe as we possibly can. This may
mean us changing and updating our policy’s at short notice. We will always keep you informed of any changes we may need to
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